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What is the function of the front legs of a bee?

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The front legs are specially designed to clean the antennae, and the rear legs have a section dedicated to pollen accumulation called pollen basket. Each leg has grip claws and sticky pads to help the bees land on a smooth surface. Bees also have taste receptors on the tips of their feet.

How do bees use their feet to mention two uses?

Bees use their front legs to clean their antennae. The midfoot helps to walk and is used to fill a pollen basket, which is part of the hindfoot, with a large amount of pollen (possibly propolis).

What kind of legs do honeybees have?

Bees also have three pairs of segmented legs (six legs) attached to the chest. They have a pollen basket on their hind legs. Bees have two sets of wings (four wings) attached to the chest. The front wing is much larger than the rear wing.

What is the hind leg of a bee called?

A pollen basket or corbicula (multiple corbiculas) is part of the tibia of the hind limbs of a particular type of bee. They harvest pollen and use its structure in transporting it to nests and hives. Other types of bees have scopa instead.

What is the function of the front legs of a bee?

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