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What is the function of the water current in a sponge?

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The most important structure is a canal and chamber system called the water flow system, in which water circulates and carries food and oxygen to the sponge. The water flow system also helps disperse gametes and larvae and remove waste products.

How does water flow through the sponge?

Small, tubular water enters the sponge through the pores of the dermis and flows into the atrium. The choanocyte flagella generate an electric current to expel it through a single oscram. .. Water flowing in through the inflowing canal is selectively pumped through a chamber that is discharged through one of a series of Oscula.

How does the sponge generate an electric current?

When you hit the bristles of the choanocytes, a sponge stream of water is generated. * Polosites are tubular cells that make up the pores to the sponge body via the mesohyl.

What is the function of the water current in a sponge?

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