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What is the leader of the herd of elephants called?

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The oldest and largest mother is the leader. She is called the patriarch. The flock walks side by side behind her.

What is the elephant hierarchy?

The hierarchical social structure of an elephant is that two or more regularly associated maternal and calf units (Tier 1) merge into a "family" unit (Tier 2) and then another family. It is characterized by being united with the unit to become an "extended family". Units (Tier 3 or Bond Group); some of these units will reunite.

What is a group of male elephants called?

Flock of Elephants: The whole family A group of elephants is commonly referred to as a herd, but less commonly, as a parade. Above all, the herd is a family group. The size of the herd varies widely, but its structure is consistently multi-generational and patriarchal. A typical herd is headed by a female elephant patriarch. 2021

What is the leader of the herd of elephants called?

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