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What is the meaning of hedge?

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Noun for fences or boundaries formed by closely growing bushes and shrubs. "Ligustrum obtusa" синонимы: A quick set to protect yourself from hedges, bush rows, fences, windbreaks, barriers, barricades, boundaries, financial loss and other disadvantages. "Index-linked gold leaf is a useful hedge against inflation." синонимы: Safeguards, protections, shields, screens, guards, buffers, cushions, covers, insurance, security, provisioning, insurance to avoid over-commitment Covers words and phrases used in. And so on, often or sometimes. синонимы: Polysemous errors, avoidance, fudges, quibbles, qualifications, qualifications, temporary, uncertainties, prejudices, ambiguities surrounded by vegetation. "Yew hedged garden" синонимы: Enclosures, Enclosures, Enclosures, Circles, Rings, Borders, Edges, Boundaries, Bands, Girdles, Enguild Restrictions, or (something) modified by conditions or exceptions. "They conditionally hedged their story." Create a compensation transaction. "The company has hedged its investment position in the futures market." синонимы: Safeguard, Protect, Shield, Guard, Cushion, Cover, Insurance, Insurance, Insurance

What does the word hedge mean?

1: Surround and protect shrubs and dense rows of shrubs: Surround and protect with hedges (see Hedge entry 1 Sense 1a): Boxwood hedges Surround the house.

What is an example of hedging?

Typical examples of hedging include wheat farmers and wheat futures markets. Farmers sow seeds in the spring and sell them. Harvest in the fall. In the meantime, farmers are exposed to the price risk of lower wheat prices in the fall.

What is a sentence hedge?

Buying two homes is the best hedge against inflation. Buying three homes is a hedge against inflation. The hedge between the four keeps the friendship green. 5 He hid his bike in a hawthorn hedge.

What is the word "hedge"?

As mentioned above, "hedge" can be a noun or a verb. Noun usage: He trims the hedge once a week. Noun usage: The asset class acts as a hedge. Verb Usage: He carefully hedged his remarks in Itachi's words.

What is the meaning of hedge?

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