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What is the name of a male elephant?

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Adult males are called bull elephants, and adult females are called cows.

Asian pachydermata mature to nearly 10 feet and weigh over 5 tonnes. Within each species, baby elephants are called calves. Adult males are called bull elephants, and adult females are called cows. Baby elephant and its adult fans can visit the zoo and home elephants.

What is a female elephant?

Male elephants are called bulls or bull elephants. Therefore, a female elephant is a bull female, that is, a cow or a cow elephant.

What is a mature male elephant called?

When a male elephant is born, it is called a calf. However, when they become adults, they are called bulls or bull elephants.

Is the elephant a male or a female?

The same term is used for women, men and babies. From birth to teenage elephants, elephant babies are called calves. When it comes to adults, female and male elephants are known by different terms. Male elephants are called bull elephants and female elephants are called cows.

What is the name of a male elephant?

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