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What is the other term of swine?

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Suidae animals. boar. Cob roller. pig. Piggy bank.

What is the term for pigs?

Pigs are pigs or nasty pigs of ancient times. .. If someone behaves like a pig, call him a pig. It's an old-fashioned word, but if you're crazy about writing poems about pigs and need a different word for pigs, the word pig is useful. Pigs — also plural like fish — are common livestock.

What are the other names for pigs?

On this page you can find 42 synonyms, antonyms, idioms, and pig related words. For example, pigs, pigs, piglets, boars, pigs, huts, crows, grantors, pigs, gold leaf (young women) and pigs.

What is a pig's antonym?

angelgentlemanaltruistphilanthropefriendgoddo-gooderhelperalmsgiverGood Samaritan

What is the other term of swine?

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Is there a bird faster than a cheetah?

Is pork a swine?

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