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What is the personality of a badger?

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A lonely and lonely badger teaches you to be independent and comfortable with yourself. Bold and ferocious badgers when cornered remind us to never surrender.

What does the badger symbolize?

The meaning of badgers in Buddhism. In Buddhism, badgers are a symbol of spiritual generosity and gratitude. One popular story is the story of a badger and a monk.

Are badgers friendly?

The Eurasian badger, the largest species of badger, is also the most familiar.

Is the badger good or mean?

Honey badgers are mean. Honey badgers are tough, but despite their aggressive reputation, they usually try to avoid fights.

Are badgers annoying?

Badgers can be annoying, but the British public nevertheless loves them, says badger trust spokesman Jack Reedy. .. But it would be wrong to call them cute-badgers have a nasty bite and are the "largest and best civil engineers" in the animal kingdom, he says.

What is the personality of a badger?

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