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What is the plural of deers?

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Deer. / (Dɪə) / Noun Multiple deer or deer. Even-toed ungera mammals of the subfamily Cervinae, such as reindeer, elk, muntjac, and roe deer. Men usually have antlers. Related adjectives: deer.

Is it correct to say a deer?

Deer is the preferred plural of the ungulate mammal deer. .. Deer are accepted as the plural, but are rarely used. The word deer comes from the Old English deor. This means a beast, a four-legged animal. Also, Dutch dier and German tier.

Two deer or two deer?

Precautions The standard (irregular) plural is a deer. It may be used to mean more than one species. Especially when displayed in combination (red deer / red deer, etc.).

Why are deer already plural?

All of these nouns with invariant plurals represent animals, deer, sheep, fish, pigs and are often referred to as either herds or hunting. It suggests both the meaning of "uncountable nouns" for herd animals and the singular reference to all hunting animals (bears, lions, elephants as.

. What is the plural of deers?

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