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What is the purpose of ant?

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Ants play an important role in the environment. Ants turn the soil to ventilate and allow water and oxygen to reach the roots of the plant. Ants drop seeds into tunnels and eat the nutritious elaiosomes that are part of the seeds. These seeds often germinate and grow new plants (seed dispersal).

Can you live without ants?

What is good about ants? Entomologists and ecologists claim that we literally cannot live without them. .. They exceed the number of humans by 1.5 million to 1, and the biomass of all ants on Earth is about the same as the biomass of all people on Earth. If all these ants don't work, we will face big problems. 2019

How do ants help humans?

But did you know that ants can be beneficial to both humans and the environment? .. Like earthworms, ants also help create a healthy topsoil. By digging nests and tunnels, ants ventilate and turn the soil over, bringing nutrients closer to the surface.

What is the purpose of ant?

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