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What is the purpose of Fry fingerlings Nursery?

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The purpose of pond preparation is to ensure optimal conditions for stored fragile bait larvae. Physical preparation of the nursery. Fry breeding

What is the purpose of the fry kindergarten?

Fishpond farms are used to grow milkfish fry to 1 to 3 g in weight or 1 to 2 inches in length. The fishpond is the smallest of the 500-5,000 m2 major fishpond plots, accounting for about 10% of the total aquaculture area.

What are fry and fry?

Fly: As soon as the spawn is in the shape of a fish and grows to about 1-2 cm, it is called a fly. .. It takes about 7-10 days for the spawn to grow to the fry stage. Juveniles: As soon as the fry are 10 to 15 cm in size, or about the size of a finger, they are called juveniles.

What is the production of juvenile fish?

The production of juveniles in the pond is carried out under semi-intensive fan conditions. Fish are bred at low densities, but supplemental (pellet) feeding is applied and may require aeration. The water exchange rate is low (15-25% per day). The main goal and advantage of this system is to produce high quality fish.

What is fry management?

Good fry management means less disease, higher survival, better growth and higher yields. Effective fry management begins with fry procurement, transportation and aquaculture methods.

What is the purpose of Fry fingerlings Nursery?

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