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What is the purpose of hairless cats?

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Their skin is fur-colored, and all the usual cat markings (solids, points, vans, tabby cats, calico cats, etc.) can be found in Sphynx cats behavior / cat history. .. Breeding / Genetics and Breeding / Care

What is the purpose of hairless cats?

The purpose of such breeding was to produce genetically healthy cats with a large gene pool and heterosis. When properly bred, the Sphinx is a very tough variety with few serious health or genetic problems.

Why are hairless cats bad?

Sphinx is generally healthy, but can develop hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a common type of heart disease in cats, and a neurological condition called hereditary myopathy.

Why Hairless Cats Are Best

Often hairless and cute, these cats are unique pets. They love human attention and are excellent in agility and tricks despite the appearance of the pot belly. The Sphinx is loyal and friendly, and goes great with other pets. Everyone will fall in love with their sense of humor and attractive personality.

What is the purpose of hairless cats?

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When did hairless cats start?

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