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What is the scientific name for deer?

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Deer, or reindeer, or deer are a family of Artiodactyla mammals, including 51 modern species. Reindeer is common in the Eurasian Continent, the Americas, and has also been introduced by humans in Australia and New Zealand. Magnitude Wikipedia deer (Cervidae family), one of the 43 species of ruminants of the order Artiodactyla, with two large hooves and two small hooves on each foot, most species of male and some species female. Deer are native to all continents except Australia and Antarctica, and many species have been widely introduced as hunting animals beyond their original habitat. What is the classification of


Deer can be called Artiodactyla and Artiodactyla belonging to the mammalian class. Cervinae and White-tailed Deer are the two main groups to which the Cervinae belong. Members of the Cervinae family are also known as Old World deer.

What is the scientific name of the white-tailed deer?

The scientific name of the white-tailed deer is Odocoileus virginianus. Deer are classified into the phylum Chordate, mammals, artiodactyla, artiodactyla, and the genus White-tailed deer. Read more

What is the scientific name of the deer in the New World?

White-tailed deer, including reindeer, white-tailed deer, and elk, are colloquially known as New World deer. The subfamily Cervinae, inhabited by elks, red deer, tropical muntjacs, and tufted deer, is known as the Old World deer.

What are the most common deer species in North America?

White-tailed deer-White-tailed deer is the most common deer species in North America and can be identified by the lower white tail. Males tend to be larger than females, weighing up to 400 pounds when fully mature and regenerating antlers each spring.

What is the genus name of the deer?


What is the name of the deer?

Male deer are called stags or bucks, female deer are called dows or hinds, and young deer are called fawns, children, or calves.

What is the classification of deer?

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What is the scientific name of DOE?

Binomial nomenclature name. White-tailed deer. (Zimmermann, 1780) Subspecies.

What is the scientific name for deer?

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