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What is the scientific name of Etruscan shrew?

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The pygmeat shrews, or pygmeat shrews, or baby shrews, or etruria shrews, or baby shrews are mammals of the shrews genus Shrews. Probably the smallest living mammal in the world . Wikipedia

What kind of animal is the Etruscan shrew?

The Etruscan shrews (Suncus etruscus), also known as the Etruscan pygmy shrew or the white-toothed pygmy shrew, are the smallest mammals currently known and weigh only about 1.8 g (on average). 0.063 ounces). .. .. Etruscan shrews family: Soricidae genus: Suncus species: S. etruscusBinomial name

What is a scientific shrews?

Shrews (Shrews), one of more than 350 species of insectivore, has a mobile nose, is covered with a long, sensitive whiskers, and overhangs the lower lip. Their large incisors are used like forceps to grab their prey. The upper pair is hooked and the lower pair extends forward.

How many Etruscan shrews are there?

The exact number of Etruscan shrews is unknown, but the number of shrews in the world is about 100 billion!

Is Etruscan shrew toxic?

Are shrews toxic? Some species of shrews are toxic, but the Etruscan shrews are not one of them. The following species of shrews are toxic: Blarina brevicauda September 15th. 2021

What is the scientific name of Etruscan shrew?

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