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What is the scientific name of Indian frog?

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Scientific name of Indian frog The name of the order to which the frog belongs is Anura. Indian frogs are the most common species of frogs. The scientific name of the Indian frog is Hoplobatrachus tigerinus. It is commonly known as the Banded Bullfrog.

What is the scientific name of the frog?

Anura Бесхвостые земноводные / Научные названия

Which frog seed was found in India?

15 India's most colorful toads and frogs Purple frogs. The purple frog, also known as the pig-nose frog, was first discovered in October 2003 in the Idukki district of Kerala. .. A dancing frog. .. Bullfrog. .. Tree frog. .. Common frog. .. Brown frog. .. A floating frog. .. Skitter Frog.15 India's Most Colorful Toads and Frogs-WalkThroughIndia

What is the scientific name of Indian frog?

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