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What is the scientific name of the family Caviidae?

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Dolichotinae. Hydrochoerinae. The Cavies family is composed of rodents native to South America, including domestic guinea pigs, wild caves, and the largest living rodent, the capybara. They are found in open areas throughout South America, from moist savanna to thorny forests and shrublands. The sedge family is a large family, with 104 genera and about 5,000 species distributed all over the world. The Willamette Valley Wetlands have three genera: Carex (true sedge), Eleocharis (spy crush), and Scirpus (bull rush). Such names are called binomial nomenclature or scientific names. The common name or the first part of the name emphasizes the genus to which the organism belongs. The second part, or specific name, identifies the exact species in which the organism is classified within the genus. Engler and Prantl placed the Myrtaceae in the order of the Myrtaceae along with 17 other families. Wettstein, Bessey, and Hutchinson have adopted the name Myrtales. Bentham and Hooker have placed Myrtaceae along with Lythraceae, Combretaceae, and Evening Primrose.

How many species names are there in the sedge family?

The plant list contains 18,977 scientific plant names with ranks of sedge species. Of these 5,732, it is the accepted species name. The plant list contains an additional 8,375 scientific plant names within the species rank of the sedge family.

What is the scientific name of the genus? The scientific name of the

genus is a singular noun. The scientific name of a species is binomial (that is, it consists of two words). The scientific name of the variant is trinomen (that is, it consists of three words).

How many species names are there in the Myrtaceae family?

The plant list contains 13,815 sciences. The plant names of the species are ranked in the Myrtaceae family. Of these 5,774 species names are accepted. The plant list contains an additional 2,547 scientific plant names within the Myrtaceae species rank. The plant list is not intended to be complete with a specific rank name.

What is the scientific name for small pigs?

The scientific name for a common species is Cavia porcellus, which means "small pig" in Latin. Cavia is a new Latin word. It is derived from Caviai, the name of the animal in the Galibi language, which was once native to French Guiana.

Which family is Capybara?

Свинковые Some classifications list capybaras as the only members of the Hydrochoeridae family, while others classify them into the Hydrochoerinae subfamily of the Caviidae family. Capybaras are similar to guinea pigs and guinea pigs.

What is a guinea pig family?

Domesticated species of rodents from South America belonging to the Свинковые guineapig, (Cavia porcellus), Cavies (Cavies). It resembles other cavities in that it has short limbs, large head and eyes, and short ears.

What is a group of cavities?

A group of guinea pigs is called a herd.

What is the genus of guinea pigs?

Mumps / Mumps

What is the scientific name of the family Caviidae?

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