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What is the scientific name of the Indian bullfrog?

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Tiger Frog, or Indian Tiger Frog, is a type of amphibian of the Dicroglossidae family. The total length reaches 15 to 17 cm. The head is medium in size and the body is huge. Wikipedia

What is the name of an Indian frog?

The name of the order in which the frog belongs is Anura. Indian frogs are the most common species of frogs. The scientific name of the Indian frog is Hoplobatrachus tigerinus. It is commonly known as the Banded Bullfrog. .. .. Facts about Common Frogs KingdomAnimaliaGenusRana Scientific Name Rana Temporaria

Are Indian Bullfrogs Toxic?

No, these Indian Bullfrog species are toxic and harmless to the human body, but they are highly feared. They are nocturnal and predatory. They can't kill you. 2021

Do bullfrogs live in India?

Hoplobatrachus tigerinus, Indus Valley Bullfrog or Indian Bullfrog, commonly known as Asian Bullfrog, ASEAN Bullfrog or Asian Bullfrog, is a large species of frog found in mainland Myanmar, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nepal.

Do Indian bullfrogs have teeth?

From time to time, they may swim or sneak up on their prey to surprise them. Strong jaws and sharp teeth, efficient tongue play, and fairly large hands allow them to grab, contract, and push their helpless meals into their mouths little by little. 2020

What is the scientific name of the Indian bullfrog?

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