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What is the scientific name of the red squirrel?

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What is the name of the red squirrel?

Red squirrel or Eurasian red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) is a type of tree squirrel of the genus Sciurus that is common throughout Eurasia. Red squirrels are arboreal, predominantly herbivorous rodents. .. Red squirrel family: Sciuridae genus: Sciurus species: S. vulgarisBinomial name

What is the scientific name for tree squirrels?

Genus Sciurustree Squirrel. Squirrel: Photo (78) Squirrel: Specimen (12)

What is a small red squirrel?

The red squirrel, also known as the "chicary" or "pine squirrel," is the smallest tree squirrel.

What killed the red squirrel?

Red squirrels are officially classified as Near Threatened Species in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, but are common locally in Scotland. The main cause behind their decline is the introduction of gray squirrels from the United States.

What is the scientific name of the red squirrel?

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