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What is the smallest and largest animal on earth?

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The smallest mammal

What is the smallest animal ever inhabited on Earth?

Etruscan shrew Etruscan shrew (Suncus etruscus), also known as white toe pygmy shrew, weighs only 0.04 to 0.1 ounces (1.2 to 2.7 g). By weight, it is the smallest mammal in the world, but at 1.4–2 inches (36–53 mm), it beats the shortest Bumblebee bat.

What are the largest animals on earth?

The Antarctic blue whale (Balaenoptera musculusssp. Intermediate) is the largest animal on the planet, weighing up to 400,000 pounds (about 33) and up to 98 feet in length.

What is the smallest and largest animal on earth?

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