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What is the smallest mammal to ever exist?

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Bumble bee bats have a small skull size. The smallest mammal ever to live, the shrews-like Batodonoides vanhouteni, weighed 1.3 grams (0.046 ounces).

What is the smallest mammal you have ever lived?

The oldest species, Batodonoides vanhouteni, a genus of extinct insectivorous mammals that lived in the Eocene (56 to 33.9 million years ago), has ever lived. It may have been the smallest mammal. This genus also includes three other species. B.

What is the smallest mammal on earth that is not extinct?

Kitti's Hobana Bat In terms of body size, the Kitti's Hobana Bat is the smallest mammal on the planet, measuring 29-33 mm in length. It also has the smallest skull of any mammal.

What is the smallest mammal to ever exist?

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