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What is the smallest mouse in the world?

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What is the size of the mini mouse?

SensorOpticalCableRazer ™ SpeedflexCableTilt Scroll Wheel NoSizesLengthx Grip Width x Height 4.66 "x 2.11" x 1.51 "118.3 mm x 53.5 mm x 38.3mm Weight 0.13 lbs / 61 g

The smallest wireless mouse Which?

This Item Logitech M187 Wireless Mini Mouse Logitech M187 Ultra Portable Wireless Mouse, 2.4GHz, with USB Receiver, 1000 DPI Optical Tracking, 3 Buttons, PC / Mac / Laptop-White Item Weight 90.72g 90 Gram Model Number 910-002720910-002783 Special Function Mini, Wirelessmini

How big is the African pygmy mouse?

3 –12 гКарликовая мышь / Масса

In the United States What is the smallest mouse?

Physical description. The eastern white-spotted mouse is small in size, only 3-4 inches (8-10 cm) long, and does not include a tail. .

What is the smallest mouse in the world?

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