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What is the taxonomic category of Tiger?

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Advertising. Image source. The Bengal tiger (Panthera tigristigris or Panthera tigris bengalensis), sometimes called the Royal Bengal tiger, is a subspecies of the tiger. The Bengal tiger is the second largest and most common tiger subspecies. Bengal tigers are mainly found in Bangladesh, India and Nepal, Bhutan. All creatures, from hummingbirds to flowers, are organized according to taxonomic classification. Taxonomic classification hierarchically organizes organisms into categories and subcategories, revealing their similarities. Tiger (Panthera tigris) classification. Tigers belong to the big cat Panthera, and the complete or scientific classification of tiger species is as follows: Kingdom: Animal World (Animal) Tiger: Chordata (Chordate) Class: Mammals (Mammals) Order: Carnivores (Carnivores)

What are the genus and species of tigers?

Genus: Panthera This genus includes four species of animals: tigers, lions, jaguars, and leopards. One of the unique features of this genus species is its ability to roar.

What is the classification of Bengal tigers?

Classification. Known as: Bengal tiger. Domain: Eukaryote. Kingdom: Animal kingdom. Phylum: Chordate phylum. Class: Mammals. Order: Meat eyes. Family: Felidae. Genus: Panthera.

What is a taxonomic classification?

Taxonomic categories classify organisms in a clear descending order by keeping the names of the kingdoms first in the order of phylum, class, order, family, genus, species, and so on. In this regard, all seven categories of definitions, key terms, and classifications are explained with examples.

What is the taxonomic classification of Panthera tigris?

Species: Pantheratigris. Below is a description of each taxonomic group and why Pantheratigris belongs to each group. Domain: Eukaryote All members within this domain have a true nucleus within the nuclear envelope and membrane-bound organelles.

What is the taxonomic category of Tiger?

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