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What is the treatment for syndactyly?

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Syndactyly is treated with surgery to separate the attached fingers. Your child will probably have this surgery when he is 1 to 2 years old. During surgery, the skin is evenly divided between the two fingers. Your child may need skin grafts or skin grafts to cover the newly isolated fingers.

Need to fix Sindacty?

Complex syndactyly may also need to be repaired by the age of one. Early repair prevents finger bone fusion from exacerbating finger deformity and allows the finger to grow. Complete and complex syndactyly, pre-surgery (left) and post-surgery (center and right).

How long does it take for finger surgery to heal?

It usually takes about a month for the patient to start applying pressure to the separated toes, and depending on the degree of surgery, it takes 3 to 6 months from surgery to complete healing. ..

Content Does it cause syndactyly?

During normal embryo (fetal) development, the hand initially has the shape of a paddle and eventually splits into separate fingers. Syndrome occurs when one or more fingers cannot be separated during this time.

What is the repair of syndactyly?

Web Finger Repair; Webbing Repair; Syndactyly Repair; Syndactyly Release. Webbed finger or toe repair is surgery to correct the webbing of the toes, fingers, or both. The middle and ring fingers, or the second and third toes, are most often affected.

What is the treatment for syndactyly?

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