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What is the White Tiger phylum?

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Which class does the white tiger belong to? White tigers belong to the class of mammals. What does the White Tiger Gate belong to? The white tiger belongs to the phylum Chordate. Which family does the white tiger belong to? The white tiger belongs to the cat family. What order do white tigers belong to? White tiger belongs to the order of Carnivora.ADVERTISEMENT. Image source. The Bengal tiger (Panthera tigristigris or Panthera tigris bengalensis), sometimes called the Royal Bengal tiger, is a subspecies of the tiger. The Bengal tiger is the second largest and most common tiger subspecies. Bengal tigers are mainly found in Bangladesh, India and Bhutan, Nepal. The white tiger occupies the area marked with urine and claw marks on the tree and can be up to 75 square miles in size. It does not allow other tigers to enter. The average lifespan of a white tiger in captivity is 12 to 20 years.

White tigers or bleached tigers are Bengal tigers, Siberian tigers, and two hybrid leukocyte pigmentation variants. Occasionally reported in Madhya Pradesh, Assam, West Bengal, Bihar, Kerala, Orissa, Thundervans, India, especially in the former Rewa province.

What is the classification of white tigers?

Scientific classification of white tigers. Kingdom: Animal kingdom. Phylum: Chordate phylum. Class: Mammals. Order: Meat eyes. Family: Felidae. Genus: Panthera. Scientific name: Panthera tigristigris.

What is the classification of Bengal tigers?

Scientific classification General name Bengal tiger Kingdom Animal world Phylum Chordata class Mammals Felidae Felidae genus Panthera (Panthera, Leopard) tigris (tiger)

What is the scientific name of Tiger? ??

Species: Panthera tigris (tiger) Subspecies: Panthera tigristigris. Panthera Tigrisson Daika. The scientific name of the tiger is Pantheratigris, also known as the tiger's binary name, the tiger's species name, the tiger's Latin name, the tiger's biological name, and the tiger's zoological name.

How big is the territory of the white tiger?

Each tiger occupies a large area marked with urine and claw marks on the tree and can be up to 75 square miles in size. Despite the fact that they are lonely animals except during the mating season, the male white tiger territory can overlap with many female territories',

What is the White Tiger phylum?

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