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What is wrong with Red Lobster's lobster?

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More than one-third of restaurants, including Red Lobster, are replaced with hermit crabs, which are cheaper than American lobsters. Red Опубликовано: 10 февр. 2016 г.

Why is Red Lobster so bad?

One of the worst menu items for sodium content is the steamed clam appetizer. It contains 3440 mg of salt, which exceeds the recommended daily limit by 1000 mg or more. Red Lobster's famous crab legs are not rich in sodium, but by themselves make up more than half of the recommended daily dose.

Does Red Lobster sell fake lobsters?

Inside Edition reports that more than one-third of restaurants, including Red Lobster, are replacing lobster with cheaper alternatives. .. We offer a variety of lobsters including North American lobsters, main lobsters, rock lobsters and Langostino lobsters. 2016

Does Red Lobster use real lobster?

In response, Red Lobster states: "We offer a variety of lobsters, including North American lobsters, main lobsters, rock lobsters, and langostino lobsters. The latest lobster bisc recipes are made by combining main lobsters and langostino lobsters.

What is wrong with Red Lobster's lobster?

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