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What kind of animal is a Fox?

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A fox, one of the various members of the dog family (Canidae), resembles a medium to medium bushy tail dog with long fur, pointed ears, and a narrow nose. In a limited sense, the name refers to about 10 species classified as "true" foxes (genus Vulpes), especially red foxes or common foxes (V.

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Is the fox a dog or a cat?

Foxes are related to dogs, but behave like cats Red foxes are part of the canine family with dogs, but they have much in common with cats. February 2020

What is the classification of foxes?

Foxes belong to the Kingdom of Animaria (animals!) And are mammals. As members of the canine family, they are closely associated with wolves, raccoons and domesticated dogs! The genus Vulpes contains 12 foxes. 3rd

Is the fox technically a dog?

Foxes are small members of the canine family, including dogs and wolves. Unlike dogs, foxes are not domesticated in the United States.

Why are foxes mammals?

Foxes are omnivorous mammals with light legs. They are often mistaken for other members of the canine family, such as jackals, wolves, and dogs. They stand out from their relatives for their long, slender legs, supple frame, pointed nose, and bushy tail. 2017

What kind of animal is a Fox?

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