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What kind of body structure does a sponge have?

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Structure and function of sponge Sponge is an ectoderm and develops from two basic germ layers, the ectoderm (outer layer) and the endoderm (inner layer). Most sponges are asymmetric. Asymmetry means that if an animal is split into two halves along any axis, the halves will not be equal or identical.

The simplest body structure of a sponge is the shape of a tube or vase known as an "asconoid". However, this severely limits the size of the animal. The structure of the body is characterized by a stem-like sponge koel surrounded by a single layer of choanocytes. Simply zoom in

What is the structure of the sponge?

Overview of sponge. These cells are structured around a system of pores, chambers, and canals through which water travels by the action of the flagella of choanocytes. The large pores called oscula (singular-osculum) are the water outlets and the small pores called ostia are the water inlets.

What is the difference between sponge body plans?

The main difference between each body plan is the complexity of the canal system that pumps water to the animals. These figures show cross sections of the body walls of asconoids, synconoids, and leuconoid sponges. Water flows into the sponge koel through the small holes / small holes.

What is the function of the choanocytes of the sponge?

The sponge is made up of four simple, independent cells. The first is the choanocytes that line the canal inside the sponge. The flagella are attached to the edges of the cells and help pump water into the body of the sponge.

Does the sponge have a circulatory system?

The flow of water to the sponge body is important not only for feeding and digestion, but also for circulation within the sponge. Since there is no sponge, the organ system does not have a respiratory or circulatory system.

What kind of body structure does a sponge have?

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