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What kind of cabbage is green with green leaves?

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What kind of green cabbage is it?

Popular green cabbage varieties include: 1 Danish cabbage – A compact, solid type of cabbage that contains some of the most popular and common varieties. 2 Domestic cabbage – This type of cabbage has a loose head and rounded leaves. 3 Pointed cabbage – with a small conical head, more open leaves and a soft texture.

What does a large round cabbage look like?

The head of a large round cabbage is densely packed with thick leaves. The outer leaves of the cabbage head are usually medium to light green, fading to light green or white towards the center. Green cabbage sizes range from 1 pound to 9 pounds (0.5-4 kg).

What is the difference between red cabbage and savoy cabbage?

If the red cabbage begins to turn bluish in the recipe, it usually returns to its original color when an acid agent is added. Italian savoy cabbage has dark green crumpled leaves and is considered to be the softest and sweetest. The head is not compact because the leaves are wrinkled, but it resembles a green cabbage.

Is there something like white cabbage?

White cabbage is not really white, but it has very pale leaves White cabbage (also known as Dutch cabbage from the Netherlands) is actually very pale in color It is a kind of green cabbage that can have leaves. The sun usually turns the outer leaves pale green, leaving a white dense leaf in the center.

What kind of cabbage is green with green leaves?

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