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What kind of eyes do white hedgehogs have?

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The eye has a light blue ring around the outer edge (sclera). this is a color because it doesn't mix with the color of the white belly seeds.

What color is the hedgehog's eyes?

The actual Hedgehog eye color is usually black, but it can be a bright range of colors (such as apricots) such as ruby ​​/ dark ruby, reverse focus, or albino pink.

Are the eyes of the albino hedgehog red?

Like all other animals, albino hedgehogs are completely free of coloring and pigmentation. Their hair and thorns are both completely white, with no stripes anywhere. It has trademark red eyes and a pinkish nose and skin. 5 days. 2020

What are the eyes of a hedgehog?

Hedgehogs have weaker eyesight than humans. .. Due to limited vision, you can see the contours of objects such as trees, and your color vision is limited to cream and brown shades. Their binocular visual acuity is limited and their depth perception is inadequate.

Are white hedgehogs blind?

Albino hedgehogs are less likely to be blind than hedgehogs of any other color.

What kind of eyes do white hedgehogs have?

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