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What kind of mammals are small?

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Common small mammal pets include rats. mouse. hamster. Gerbil. Guinea pig. Pygmy hedgehog. Sugar glider. Other small animals.

What is the smallest mammal in the world?

The Kitti's Hoggle (Craseonycteris thonglongyai) is arguably the smallest mammal in the world and arguably the smallest bat in the world. The Kitti's Hoggle Bat, informally known as the Bumblebee, is about the size of a large bumblebee, weighs only 2 grams, and weighs two skittles.

What are the two smallest mammals in the world?

Top 10: Earth's smallest mammal 1 Batodonoides vanhouteni (extinct) Weight: 1.3g.2 Shrews. Etruscan pygmy shrews © Getty Images. .. 3 Kitti's Hobana Bat. Kitti's Holy Bat © Sébastien J. .. 4 African pygmy mice. .. 5 Balochistan Komitobi rat. .. 6 Long tail planigale. .. 7 planigale with a narrow nose. .. 8 Paucident planigale. .. Top 10: Earth's Smallest Mammals-BBC Science Focus Magazine

What are the five mammal examples?

Examples of mammals include rats, cats, dogs, deer, monkeys, apes, bats, whales, dolphins, and humans.

Who is the smallest animal in the world?

The 14 smallest animals on the planet, the Kitti's Hoggle Bat, is the smallest 1.1-inch mammal in the world. .. The Brookesia micra meleon grows to a length of only 1 inch. .. The dwarf Sphero on Virgin Island is only 0.6 inches. .. Monte Iberia Eleus is a small frog that grows to 0.4 inches. 14-Business Insider, the smallest animal on the planet

What kind of mammals are small?

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