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What kind of personality does a Basenji have?

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Басéнджи, илиафриканская нелающая собака, — одна издревней ших породсобак. Википедия

Is Basenji aggressive?

However, although the aggression previously used in hunting games has been significantly suppressed, it still has that aggression. Basenji usually show a quiet and friendly attitude towards their owners, strangers and fellow dogs. .. Therefore, Basenji may prove to be dangerous and aggressive against small animals.

Is Basenji a good family dog?

Live Together: Basenji is an active dog and needs to have a good chat and run every day. They do agility and like to perform lure courses. Basenji is no longer used much for hunting, but it makes a very nice family dog ​​and lives until about 13 years old. Basenji can provide strong protection for your family.

What's special about Basenji breeds?

Outside of Africa, the Basenji breed was originally found in Congo. These dogs hunted using both scent and sight, and were originally used to pour small games into hunter nets and control rodent populations in the village. Nowadays, they also become a wonderful, loving, furry family.

Do Basenji like to hug?

They are also very pretty animals, perfect for grooming and hugging like cats (after running in the dog park, of course). Basenji is very compassionate and loyal to the pack he chooses, but he doesn't cling too much and is happy to leave it alone.

What kind of personality does a Basenji have?

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