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What part of speech is hedgehog?

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What is the word hedgehog? As detailed above, "hedgehog" is a noun.

Is the hedgehog a compound noun?

A hedgehog is a compound noun formed from the nouns "hedgehog" and "hedgehog". The former is a favorable habitat for living things, and the latter is because its nose resembles that of a pig.

What is the word hedgehog?

Hedgehog definition 1a: One of the Eurasian and African nocturnal insectivore subfamilies (Erinaceinae), of hair and spines that appear outward by rolling up when exposed to threats. I have both. b: Any of several thorny mammals (such as porcupines) 2a: Military defense obstacles (for barbed wire)

What is the adjective for a hedgehog?

Sonic, Indian, European, Little, Common, Young, Old, Dead, Large, African, Ayad, Prickly, Poor, Hoa Ly, Female, Angry, Tame, White, Sea, Male, Giant, Green, Morphogen, plush toys, huge, small, thorny, harmless, alive, Algerian, lame, small, derived, roasted, fat, scared, Chinese, defensive, strange, huge Nah, blue ,.

Is the part of speech an animal?

Part of speech: Unrelated words: Beast, existence, human, creature, petWord combination Subscriber features About this feature Part of speech: Definition of adjectives 1: Non-human creatures or related. Synonyms: Savage antonyms: Human-like words: bestial, wild

What part of speech is hedgehog?

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What is a hedgehog related to?

What is the difference between hedgehogs and porcupines?

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