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What should cabbage look like?

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Cabbage should look refreshing and fresh with few leaves. With the exception of Chinese cabbage, the leaves should be tight and not supple. Avoid damaged cabbage. However, if unavoidable, the tough outer leaves can always be peeled off and discarded. 29th. 2020г.

What does a good cabbage look like?

Always choose cabbage that is big, dense and solid. The cabbage should be of heavy size with bright, colorful and crisp leaves, free of cracks and bruises. Vegetable sellers can pull out the outer leaves of old cabbage for a fresh look. .. Red and green cabbage ideally needs compact, shiny leaves.

How can I tell if the cabbage is bad?

So how do you know if the cabbage is bad? If you see a soft texture, brown, yellow, and gray spots, the cabbage is bad. The cabbage leaves are wilted and have an unpleasant odor. The shelf life of cabbage lasts from 3 weeks to 2 months at + 32 ° F in a ventilated package in the refrigerator.

Do you think the cabbage is brown?

Old cabbage smells like old cabbage, well. Some other common features that stand out before the odor shrinks or shrinks on the outside of the leaves of the entire cabbage. As the cut cabbage begins to age, the cut edges begin to turn grayish black. .. The rest of the cabbage is ok.

How do you know when the cabbage is ready for harvest?

To make sure you are ready to harvest, squeeze your head and make sure the whole thing is solid. Even if your head feels easily pushed in and loose, it will take longer to mature. The cabbage is solid but harvested before it begins to crack. This can be caused by rainfall.

What should cabbage look like?

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