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What should I do if my dog gives birth to puppies?

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After giving birth, use hot water and a washcloth to keep your mother as clean as possible without offending her. Do not use soaps or disinfectants unless instructed by your veterinarian. Remove dirty newspapers and bedding from her lullabies.

Do I need to do anything when my dog ​​gives birth?

Your dog usually does not need help during labor. It is important to monitor her, but it is best not to look into her or try to help her childbirth. Too much interference can cause problems after childbirth. If you are worried that your dog may have problems with your puppy, it is advisable to contact your veterinarian.

Can I touch the puppy when the dog gives birth?

When the puppy is about 3 weeks old, it will start to move on its own. This is when you can start stroking them and start interacting more with them. Only touch or pick up a newborn puppy if it turns out to be ill, if the mother abandons it, or if the puppy is orphaned.

What are the bad signs after a dog gives birth?

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Most health problems occur in the first few weeks after birth. Fever. Vaginal discharge that gives off a foul odor. Lethargy. Loss of appetite / vomiting. No interest in puppies. Decreased milk yield.

What should I do if my dog gives birth to puppies?

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