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What state in the US has the most cats?

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Which state has the highest number of cats?

Vermont has the highest rate of cat owners at 44.6%. The states with the lowest pet owner rates are: District of Columbia (38.2%)

Which US city has the most cats?


Where are the most cats?

Below is a list of the top 10 countries with the highest number of pet cats. United States — 76,430,000. .. China — 53,100,000. .. Russia-12,700,000. .. Brazil-12,466,000. .. France — 9,600,000. .. Italy — 9,400,000. .. United Kingdom — 7.7 million. .. Ukraine — 7,350,000. Happy International Cat Day! Guess the country with the most pets.

Which US state has the most pets?

Top 10 states with pets (percentage of households with pets): 10 states with the fewest pets (percentage of households with pets): 1. Vermont: 70.8% 1. Rhode Island 53% 2. New Mexico: 67.6% 2. Minnesota: 53%

What state in the US has the most cats?

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