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What time of day is the Etruscan shrew most active?

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Etruscan shrew becomes active when traveling long at night. During the day, they stay near their nests and in hiding places. When hunting, Etruscan shrews rely primarily on the sense of touch rather than sight, and can even hit food at night.

What time are shrews active?

Shrews are known as nocturnal animals (active at night), but they are actually active both day and night. Shrews have the fastest metabolic rate of all known animals (even higher than hummingbirds). Due to the high energy demand, shrews need to eat almost day and night.

Are shrews nocturnal or diurnal?

Behavior of shrews Some shrews are nocturnal and some are diurnal, and shrews living in cold climates can become dormant in winter. Breeding: Shrews breed 1-3 times a year, but usually in warm months. After a gestation period of about 21 days, female shrews give birth to 2-10 young shrews.

Is Etruscan shrew nocturnal?

Although not completely nocturnal, the Etruscan shrew is active at night and usually stays near its nest during the day. Their diet consists primarily of invertebrates such as earthworms and insects, but they can also hunt large prey such as small lizards and rodents.

Are shrews active?

Most shrews are active day and night all year round and rest regularly. They mainly feed on insects and other invertebrates, but also small vertebrates, seeds and fungi. .. As a result, the life of the shrews consists primarily of an enthusiastic quest for food.

What time of day is the Etruscan shrew most active?

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