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What time of year do African elephants mate?

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The rutting (or mating) season usually occurs during periods of heavy rainfall. This is because the females get hot in the second half of the rainy season. During the mating season, bull (male) elephants produce large amounts of hormones called the "estrus". This makes the elephant more aggressive and sexually active.

How many months do elephants mate?

Mating usually occurs in the dry season, mainly in January and February (Perry, 1953). Larger and more predominant males are generally preferred by female elephants. Therefore, males must compete with each other to find a partner (Loxodonta, 2009).

When can elephants breed?

Elephants mature sexually early in the first 20 years of life. African elephants mature sexually around the age of 10-12, while Asian elephants mature sexually around the age of 14. In the meantime, males leave the flock of birth (the flock of origin) and live alone or in small herds with other males.

Do male elephants mate with multiple females?

Matt, who lives in a population that straddles the Samburu and Buffalo Springs National Reserves in Kenya, is over-reproduced for about three months a year. State biologists call the estrus cycle (pronounced "estrous cycle"). Older male elephants roam the savanna and spend little time eating and resting. 2019

Are elephants in the breeding season?

Animals in seasonal environments often depend on photoperiodism for their timing of reproduction. .. Most free-range elephants and all semi-captive and captive elephant populations showed moderate but well-defined seasonal breeding patterns.

What time of year do African elephants mate?

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