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What to do if you see a ocelot?

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To tame Ocelot to a cat, you need to prepare raw fish and find a 7x7 area. Let Ocelot come to you. Keep holding the fish and do not move a little. You will be fascinated by Ocelot by staying there. Ocelot is similar to a fox in that it has no direct control, but it does bring benefits to play. They can also attack chickens and kill them through the fence, but leave the rabbits alone. What makes Ocelot more convenient is that their presence avoids Creepers and Phantoms, which maintain a distance of 16 blocks. Ocelot needs to know the running URL in order to look up and execute the header. Replace for specific management configurations. If you set this URL, it must be an external URL that can verify that the client is running Ocelot. For example, are Ocelots dangerous? As a wild animal, ocelot can be dangerous. Even if you buy Ocelot as a kitten, if you are scared or stressed, you tend to react from your natural instincts. Ocelot is naturally territorial.

Repeat feeding until you see a heart on the Ocelot. When you see a heart appearing on an ocelot or a cat, you are tamed. It may take several trials to tame an ocelot or cat. The tame Ocelot will not escape from the player.

How do you get Ocelot?

Keep the raw fish without moving or looking directly at the ocelot. Wait for Ocelot to stare at your character and approach timidity. If the conditions are right, Ocelot will slowly walk towards you. Place the crosshairs on the ocelot or cat and feed the raw fish.

What is Ocelot suitable for in Minecraft?

Ocelot is perceived as a hostile mob in coding, which prevents players from finding Ocelot while facing peaceful difficulties. Creepers run away Ocelot and cats are scared of cats. Therefore, this is probably the biggest use that Ocelot and cats have. Ocelot does not take fall damage

Why do I need to know the URL that Ocelot is running?

Ocelot needs to know the running URL in order to search and execute the header. Replace for specific management configurations. When setting this URL, it must be an external URL that allows the client to verify that Ocelot is running. Example:

How dangerous is Ocelot?

Ocelot tends to target the armpits, the inside of the elbows, the groin, and the neck. This makes a simple bite from Ocelot a dangerous event. They also tend to strike repeatedly when distracted. When you block an ocelot that jumps at you, he usually hits the ground and bounces straight at you over and over again until he bites.

What to do if you see a ocelot?

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Are ocelots friendly?

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