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What's another name for porcupine?

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On this page you can find 6 synonyms, antonyms, formulas, and words related to porcupines (thorny, hedgehog, hyrax, porcupine, pocus, stripeless, etc.).

What is another name for porcupine?

Be very careful. Porcupines are derived from the Latin roots, pocus, "pig", spina, "spine or quill". Appropriately, the area name of the porcupine is "quill pen". Porcupines are famous for their thorns and become spiky when they are afraid or angry.

What is another name for a hedgehog?

Other names include sea urchins, hedge pigs, and fars pigs.

What does the name Porcupine mean?

Porcupines are the most annoying rodents, but the Latin name means "quill". There are more than 20 species of porcupines, all boasting needle-shaped quill coats, which clearly remind predators that this animal is not an easy diet.

What is another name for Lemuriformes?

indri, indri indri, potto, bush baby, Nycticebus Pygmaeus, Slow Loris, Indri Brevicaudatus, indris, Golden Potto, kinkajou, Nycticebus Tardigradua, Loris Gracilis, bushbaby, galago, aye-aye, Arctocebus Calren Catta-Tailed lemur, angwantibo, Madagascar Cat, Avahi Laniger, Perodicticus Potto ,.

What's another name for porcupine?

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