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Where are the teats located on a dairy cow?

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The nipple is a protrusion from the mammary gland of a mammal, and milk is discharged from the nipple or discharged for the purpose of feeding the baby. In many mammals, the nipple protrudes from the udder.

What is a quarter of the breast?

In neonatal ruminants, the parenchymal tissue of each gland or udder contains a single primary tube that branches to form several secondary and tertiary tubes. At the ends of the secondary and tertiary tubes are clusters of tubes that give rise to TDLU-like structures after puberty.

Where are the nipples?

Nipple: The nipple is in the center of the areola. Each nipple has about 9 ducts and nerves. Areola: The areola is a circular, dark area of ​​skin that surrounds the nipple. The areola has a gland called the Areolar gland that secretes lubricating oil.

Should it be when looking at a cow's teat?

Teats-Medium length and diameter cylinder and uniform size. Breast Balance and Texture-You need to show a horizontal breast floor when viewed from the side. The quarter should be evenly balanced. Soft and supple, it crushes well after milking. Figure 3.

What is the dairy cow part?

Breast. The breast is divided into four parts. These parts include capillaries, blood vessels, ligaments, secretory tissue, and tubes. All these parts work together to produce milk.

Where are the teats located on a dairy cow?

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