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Where can I find immortal jellyfish?

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Turritopsis nutricula is thought to have originated in the Mediterranean Sea, but is now found in oceans around the world. It is believed that this recently noted invasion may have been caused primarily by humans.

Is there a turritopsis nutricula?

Turritopsis dohrnii, an "immortal" jellyfish To date, only the jellyfish turritopsis nutricula has been called "biologically immortal." These small, transparent animals hang out in the oceans around the world and can be returned in time by returning to the early stages of their life cycle.

Are turritopsis nutricula rare?

Are immortal jellyfish sold? It's rarely said that it's sold in Japan, but it's very rare. However, although it is possible to sell, there is no reliable sales information for turritopsis nutricula or turritopsis nutricula.

Can I keep a turritopsis nutricula as a pet?

Scientists and researchers could only observe changes in turritopsis nutricula in captivity, not in the ocean. But at the same time, it is difficult to stay captive.

Where can I find immortal jellyfish?

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