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Where do cabbage white butterflies live?

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The cabbage white butterfly inhabits urban areas, forests, forests, and heath.

Where is the cabbage white butterfly?

Cabbage white pupae are common under windowsills, hut roofs, and other protected areas.

Where do the cabbage whites live?

It is among the first butterflies found in spring and among the last butterflies found in autumn. Cabbage whites can be found in fields, gardens, parks and roadsides around the world. Mating begins 2-3 days after birth.

Is the cabbage white butterfly native to Australia?

The underside of the front wing resembles the top surface, except that there is no black wing tip. The underside of the rear wing is plain pale yellow. Cabbage white is not originally native to Australia. In fact, there are no members of the genus Pieris native to Australia.

Where does the cabbage white butterfly go in winter?

When fully fed, caterpillars move away from food sources and become pupae (turns into butterflies) on broken bark, fences, and similar locations above the surface of the soil. .. Cabbage moths overwinter, but cabbage whites do not.

Where do cabbage white butterflies live?

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