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Where do hedgehogs nest their young ones?

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During hibernation, hedgehogs usually sleep in nests built, especially under thick undergrowth and foliage mountains. February. 2021

Where are the baby hedgehogs?

Male hedgehogs are not involved in the breeding of baby hedgehogs. They are born after 35 days of pregnancy. The mother would have created a maternity nest as a nursery. It can be under a hedge, in a pile of leaves, in a black bag, or very often under a hut or annex.

What time of the year do hedgehogs nest?

October. As the weather begins to cool, adult hedgehogs continue to eat as much as possible and begin to build nests ready for hibernation.

Do hedgehogs stay in the same area?

Hedgehogs are not territories, but they seem to visit the same gardens and specific areas almost at the same time every night and follow their normal routine. They tolerate other hedgehogs, and conflicts usually occur only over feeding in the feeding bowl and heterosexual hedgehogs during the mating period.

Do hedgehogs go back to sleep in the same place?

Whatever the reason for the cyclical migration, nest changes are most common in the spring when hedgehogs are most active, less frequently during the winter, but the hedgehogs are the same throughout the winter. It is rare to stay in hibernation.

Where do hedgehogs nest their young ones?

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