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Where do Komodo dragons come from?

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Habitat. Komodo dragons have prospered for millions of years in the harsh climate of Indonesia's Lesser Sunda Islands. They prefer the island's tropical forests, but can be found throughout the island.

Where did the Komodo dragon come from?

Dragons may come from down-under lands. Scientists have now discovered that the world's largest living lizard species, the Komodo dragon, has evolved in Australia and is now dispersed westward in Indonesia's hometown.

Can Komodo dragons eat humans?

Komodo dragons are carnivorous animals, meaning they eat meat. They are very fierce hunters and can eat very large prey such as large buffalo, deer, carrion, pigs and even humans. .. According to National Geographic, you can eat 80% of your body weight with a single feeding. 2014

Which country has the most Komodo dragons?

The Komodo dragon, which is 10 feet long and weighs over 300 pounds, is the largest lizard in the world. In the wild, they live in Komodo National Park, Indonesia, but many can be found at zoos in the United States.

Do Komodo dragons bite humans?

Komodo dragons have shark-like teeth and toxic poisons that can kill people within hours of being bitten. .. Komodo dragons have shark-like teeth and toxic poisons and can kill people within hours of being bitten.

Where do Komodo dragons come from?

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