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Where do shrimp live in the ocean?

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Shrimp occur in all oceans (shallow and deep), as well as freshwater lakes and streams. Many species are of commercial importance as food.

Are there shrimp on the seabed?

There are several types of shrimp, all of which live in different parts of the ocean, freshwater lakes and streams. .. The type of shrimp that humans eat most often is called benthic organisms. As the name implies, these shrimp live on a part of the seabed known as the seabed. 19окт. 2017

In what water do shrimp live?

Summary Shrimp and shrimp are contained in both freshwater and salt water. However, most shrimp live in freshwater, although most of them are contained in salt water.

Where are the shrimp caught?

Shrimp is a popular seafood in the United States. Decades ago, most of the shrimp in American markets and restaurants were caught wild in the Gulf of Mexico, but today most (nearly 90%) are in India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Ecuador.

Where is the best place to find shrimp?

Shrimp can be found throughout the body of water, but the best places to catch shrimp are coasts, rivers and streams, bays, lakes and estuaries. Everything is shallow and accessible, so you can net a large amount of shrimp when moving from large to small bodies.

Where do shrimp live in the ocean?

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