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Where do smooth snakes live in the UK?

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Smooth Snake (Coronella austriaca) Smooth snakes are the rarest reptiles in the UK and can only be found in the wilderness of Dorset, Hampshire, Sally and West Sussex. Their name comes from the fact that the scales are smooth and flat, unlike the grass snake and adder scales, which have a central ridge.

Does the smooth snake live in the UK?

Rare smooth snakes can only be found on some Heathland sites in the United Kingdom. It looks a bit like an adder, but it doesn't have a unique zigzag pattern on its back.

Where are the smooth snakes?

The European snake (Coronella austriaca) is a non-venomous snake of the family Colubridae. This species is east to northern Iran as well as Northern and Central Europe.

How many European snakes are there in the UK?

Hundreds of volunteers are trained to save Britain's rarest reptile, the smooth snake. The secret creatures that inhabit Dorset, Hampshire, and Sally are one of three endemic snakes, and there are no records of their numbers.

Is European snake rare?

How rare is a smooth snake? Smooth snakes are the rarest terrestrial reptiles in the UK, with limited populations on the sandy beaches of Dorset, Hampshire and Sally, but are widely distributed in Europe. 2020г.

Where do smooth snakes live in the UK?

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