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Which animal has the shortest life?

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The true short-lived champion is the gastrotrich, an almost microscopic creature found in aquatic environments around the world. Flat, transparent creatures live their lives within a week, sexually mature in 3 days, clone and breed, and die after a day or two. 1авг. 2017 г.

Which animal lives for 5 minutes?

Researchers believe that the shortest adult lifespan record belongs to a female mayfly called Drania Americana. After living at the bottom of a stream for over a year in the form of aquatic nymphs, it appears as flying adults — and lives for less than 5 minutes.

Which mammal has the shortest lifespan?

According to the lifespan record, which is a comprehensive database of animal lifespan, the shortest lifespan of all mammals is Muller's Giant Sundalat. This small rodent of the family Muridae is found throughout Southeast Asia.

Which animal has the longest life on earth?

1. Bowhead Whale: May be over 200 years old. The bowhead whale (Balaena mysticetus) is the longest-lived mammal.

Which animal can only live for 6 months?

Dragonfly Nymph Her nymph only lives for 6 months. The total lifespan from the birth of some dragonflies to the death of adults can be as short as 6 months. This depends more on the environment than on the seeds.

Which animal has the shortest life?

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What animal only lives 1 day?

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