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Which animal takes short time of birth?

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The shortest known gestation period is about 12 days for Opossum in Virginia, and the longest gestation period for Indian elephants is about 22 months. Over the course of evolution, gestational age has adapted to the needs of the species.

Which animal gives birth the longest?

Elephant Pregnancy Elephants have a maximum gestation period of 23 months and boast the longest gestation period of any terrestrial animal. 2012

Which animal will give birth in 6 months?

RankMammalDays5Giraffe420–4506Donkey3657Zebra (Grant's) 361-3908Camel (Bactrian) 360-420

Which animal has the most difficult birth time?

Animal moms are tough! Naked mole rat. .. Porcupine with an easy-to-catch tail. .. Tenrec. .. The short-eared elephant is a shrews. .. giraffe. (Image credit: Paul Gilham / Getty). Spotted hyena. (Image credit: Rob Belterman / Sunshine / Zuma). Kiwi. (Image credit: Jon Arnold Images Ltd / Alamy). human. (Image credit: Shutterstock) Animal moms make it tough! 8 Birth of Extreme Creatures

Which animals can delay birth for up to 2 years?

Armadillo's emotional stress can delay childbirth for two years. Dasypus is a master of family planning. If a pregnant woman encounters severe environmental stress, she can stop embryo development for a year or two and resume her embryo when the condition improves.

Which animal takes short time of birth?

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