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Which is stronger mule or donkey?

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However, given the same job, the same basic ratio holds. ) Pound for mule pounds are also stronger than horses and have better stamina and agility. It also outperforms donkeys in that they are usually much larger than donkeys, which increases the overall weight they can carry. 15th day. 2012г.

Which is smarter, donkey or mule?

Mule is a hybrid of mare and male donkey, but mule is smarter than either. This has been scientifically tested and shown. It is also an example of what is called "heterosis". This is explained in detail below.

Is a mule faster than a donkey?

Mule inherits the highest qualities of both, larger and faster than donkeys, but less manageable food and stables than horses and cheaper to maintain.

Can mules mate with donkeys?

However, coupled with the differences in horse and donkey chromosomes, the end result is usually, but not always, sterile offspring. There are no recorded cases of fertile mule sire, but there are dozens of mule mares that have given birth after mating with horses or donkeys.

Which is stronger mule or donkey?

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