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Which mammal does not make a noise?

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16 animals that make no sound (why they are 100% silent), jellyfish, snails, butterflies, crabs, sharks, goldfish, sea urchins, worms these are animals Do you want to issue a code?

Which mammal does not make a sound?

The giraffe has a larynx (voice box), which probably creates a flow of air through the trachea 13 feet (4 meters) long enough to vibrate the vocal cords and make noise. I couldn't. Researchers suspected that the reason no one could hear the giraffe's communication was because the frequency of the sound was too low for humans to hear. 2015

Which animal does not make a noise?

Did you know: Snakes are animals without outer ear and collect sound by the vibration of the ground! Like rabbits, snakes have a small larynx and no vocal cords. Unlike many animals, snakes cannot make sound.

What is the quietest mammal?

Fish are the quietest animals in the world. Other quiet animals are owls, sloths, octopuses, beavers and domestic cats.

Which mammal does not make a noise?

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Why do bearded vultures drop bones from rocks?

Which animal is mute?

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