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Which of the following is true about sponges?

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Is the sponge a unicellular or multicellular animal?

D) Sponges are multicellular animals. E) The internal cavity of the sponge is called the sponge coil. What are the sponge cells that are the main cause of trapping food particles from circulating water? Which of the following is not related to sponge?

What about sponges?

Sponges are multicellular, heterotrophic, lack cell walls, and are similar to other animals in that they produce sperm cells. Unlike other animals, they lack real tissues and organs. Some of them are radially symmetric, but most are asymmetric.

What are the three facts about sponges?

They live in shallow water and deep sea, and some live in freshwater. Here are five facts about one of our wreck favorites! 1. According to early fossil records, sponges lived on Earth about 600 million years ago.

What are the four characteristics of sponge?

General characteristics of sponges: Habitat: Advertising :. Body shape: Those bodies are porous, that is, they have pores. .. Symmetry: Most sponges are asymmetric. .. Germ :. Organizational level :. Body wall :. Canal system :. Skeletons (Figure Sponge: Letters and Classification

Solutions-Phylum Porifera includes aquatic animals commonly known as sponges. Phylum Porifera has the following characteristics: (1) Mainly marine. .. The part cut from the body of the sponge can grow into a complete sponge. Finely chop the sponge, squeeze it with a fine silk mesh to separate the cells, and the separated amoeba cells will rejoin for a few days. In a canal, a chamber with whiskers, a skeleton develops and grows into a new sponge. Contains a yellow tube sponge, Aplysina fistularis, purple vase sponge, Niphates digitalis, red coated sponge, Spirastrella coccinea, and gray Rope sponge, Callyspongiasp. Sponge is multicellular and dependently nutritious, lacks cell walls and is similar to other animals in producing sponge cells. Sponge is multicellular. They are at the cellular level of the tissue and It is asymmetric.

What happens when the sponge cell separates from the body?

E) When the sponge cell separates from the sponge body, I will die soon. As you explore, you'll find creatures washed up on the beach. Examination of the organism reveals that it has two panniculi and is radially symmetrical. What kind of creature did you find?

What are the five types of sponges?

1. Amoeba cells 2. Sponge spicules 3. Spongins 4. Zygotes 5. Choanocytes Thank you for your hard work! You have just studied 24 terms! Let's start the learning game in learning mode. Which gate does the sponge belong to?

What can be observed with the undisturbed sponge mesohyl?

How many of the following undisturbed sponge mesohyl can be observed at one time? 1. Amoeba cells 2. Sponge spicules 3. Spongins 4. Zygotes 5. Choanocytes Which spongin cells are most similar to spores in terms of food capture

Which of the following is true about sponges?

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What type of circulatory system is found in sponges?

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